Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diet? HARD

21.09.09 Monday (dayfive)
mummy is not working today..daddy is not working today too!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!
wake up den headed to kaima's hrs with granny & zenzen :D
gonna meet kaima them & have breakfast at puchong~ DimSum =D
in the end, the seven sitter avanza is so so so crowded =D
9 ppl in it, 6adults ( including me!!! ) HAHAHAH & 3 kids =D

this is my very cute little cousin in giraffe skin :O
she's super clever


oh yeah :D this is the place we going. M1 Cafe! LAWL

some of the food

actually its just normal lahh..hmm, dun really like it :x
nothing special also de =(
after that, we plan to go kaima's hrs & spend our day there..
along the way, uncle spot a durian stall by the roadside & everyone is like
i'm happy to have that but.. Im already very very very full :O
elehh, dun care lah just EAT ! =DDD *FEI AR* =(

tummy is overfull == cant breath lah.. who said wanna gam fei de? but seems like now "ka-fei"
wth..nvm luu ! one day one day ! =D *self-comforting*

i love the tomato juice =DD
best for preventing
Constipation !!

me jiajia mandy zenzen & ting were squuzeing in a sofa, watching the lord of the ring 1 & 2!
long movie =D but its really so so darn nice. wont be boring even though all of us watched before ! =D however, it may be a little too boring for the two kids, so they went out & main water lu =D
so cutee lah

ting & zen

me joining them just to camwhore aja ! =x

credits for li teng? :D

we had dinner thr too! its the maid cooking =D
the adults were playing mahjong since afternoon, & we just fooling around lu

watermelon!! LOVE IT

around 11pm, we headed back to our home sweet home =D & this two notty fella follow us home too ! (mandy & zen) they're coming to overnight at my hrs TEEHEEEE

this 2 fella keep on laughing whn they're looking at those photos :O
their eyes keep searching for those funny faces &..HAHAHA!

22.09.09 Tuesday (daysix)
Evening went desa park to jog =D ee ee is along
met my prince & ah ling ling & win ming !! hahahaha just..everything is so funny :x

at night, me & sister chatting in my room :) feel so good
she telling me how she feel all the time, heyy girl
dun be frustated !

23.09.09 Wednesday (dayseven)
Today is just so so BORING !!! im really a outgoing person
i cant stay at home without any tujuan == study? i did
but still..boring boring boring!
my connection just recover few hrs ago,
but still the deskstop is just super laggyy == sien
had a small arguement with parents just now
make me feel so bad
suggestion can be defined as plan? shit
"dun plan for me!" ==
im just suggest okay? next time i will just keep my mouth shut
luckily i wont be at home tmr
abuden i'll be so lifeless again ! looking forward for tmr !
although its just a revision in my butt's hrs =D

ohyaa! my 2nd hundred =D
get it using my own strength to work :)

i need more $$ to get my polaroid
i want it so badly!


Issacc said...

AHA! cute jie

Monster said...

thankss dii +D