Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Friday, 4th September

first of all,
Happy Sweet Sixteen to my darling, Jun Wen !

She is a very good friend. A tall & slim lady with a chubby face =D heyy, dun ever say yourself fat le lahh! if you're den.. me? obese le lahh! :P
She's someone with a kind-hearded & treat her friend truly. She's not fake at all ! =D
rawr ! Im glad that i'm one of ur buttttttss
Lao Mun ! happy sweeet 6teen & sorry for the late post darling :)

& happy dating for myself =D
ngek ngekk. Drunk ._________.

Saturday, 5th of September

scout meeting today, wake up early again =S thought i'll be a liltle boring but it seems so unexpected O__O I enjoyed today's activity sia ! =D
me incharging "Dancing Ball " & had lots of fun with those crazy liltle juniors
ps:// i snapp a lot of funny faces today ! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

ytd a bit rushing to skul =S i pack all my stuff in the bag & on the way, i cant find my socks! I immediately phone xingti & ask her to bring me one. And the above picha is my foot with the cool socks =p

During "Dancing Ball" session =DD
this session make everyone laughing like hell

monkey-crossing =D if im not mistaken this monkey is bryan lahh !

& this ! Monsterrrrr me =D

NG 1 =D

me & my feifei ♥

the super adorable one =D brian fooooo !


the faces for the day =D

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