Wednesday, September 9, 2009

090909 ! xo

awww.. wad a good day :D
i done smt kinda new today! wohooo..

Final Destination 4 the poster Pictures, Images and Photos

oh yea. its this ! FINAL DESTINATION 4 ~ hahahaha
18sg de leh! im able to get in =O congrates me!
090909 with laotine, first time sneak into cinema to watch 18sgmovie ! WOW

final destination 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

this is the most disgusting part =S He saw how his gf die ! my god.. escalator incident. wtf
i dhk beside the sound effect of the movie, thrs just me & tine making noise
we scream & scream & scream ! LOL
she even put her bag in fnt of her to cover some scary part =D blady funny
had secret recipe after all~ headed back to granny;s hrs with tine by taxi
thanks bud ! for the good day =D

had a sweet talk with mua darling at noon AHA

moral project =______________=

090909 byebye =(

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