Sunday, September 20, 2009

There's No Timemachine

Wednesday 16.09.09
ohh yea =D went jogging today with my jo. Its raining outsideee

Thursday 17.09.09 ( dayone)
Its Hari Patriotic in our skul. Me with few kakis gonna represent scout to be on the stage ! holding the flags & scream MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKA ! lawll ! & guess wad? I'm standing in the middle due to my shortness =( too bad, but not so bad? :P im holding jalur gemilang and am the one who walk first *butterflies in my tummy*

" joee ! u look so cute just now "
" O.O! really?! *happy-ing inside* "
" yalahh! so short! "
& another version from another friend

" joeee u very funny lahh! "

LOLLL really tat funy meh? btw, claps for the drama! its funnyyy =D
p:s// LISA !! u gonna teach me hw to dance"sorry sorry" you're just cool ! =D

spot my cool lady inside? LISA LOK! d middle one =D

the drama kings :D

Choir =D spot ah mei !

& yes.. my turn @@ nehh~!

tadaa ! =D

at night making bday card for my buttt mr ngau =D
i doing this for his 4teen, 5teen & 6teen bday!

&&& the hasil =D mooo moo~

Friday 18.09.09 (daytwo)
The First day of hols :D mummy got half day leave, she'll be with us again at 1smt =D
we headed to one-u & meet my granny & kai ma at shabu shabu to have my so call breakfast :x
After that, we watched G-FORCE ! so so so so damn cute ! i love the fat genuine pig which fart a lot ! HAHAHA &&&&& i had 2 tickets to the coming concert !
YAY !!

my fav lamb =D

the before

& the after =D

the notty zen !

Saturday 19.09.09 (daythree)
my first day to work~ Im helpin my aunt in timesquare =D her worker had raya holidays
okay, its not bad for that day! no theif, no pervert man & no boredom :) i hope i really helped my aunt instead of making the sales worst . I met my camwhore kaki thr too! yit jiun :D she came shopping with bei bei =D & ex kb students, a prefect! AHA so glad she recognize me =D met a very friendly yet cute england old man & a young man with a superstar face ! He's tall & broad, with fair skin =O i dhk i saw him in tv before if im not mistaken :D

outfit of the day =S

&& the last but not least,
HAPPY 6TEEN to my very very good butttyy!
the kindest man, teaches me addmaths from time to time without blaming !
heyy you! take good care of urself &&&& BFF !

Sunday 20.09.09 (dayfour)
Today Today & today..holly! Not really in the mood today. Im sucks. Im very slow in understanding what my aunt said =( being so blurr & sometimes i cant help whn ther's a mess. Useless...But aunty said that i really help her a lot. hmmm, hope so? No much customers today..BORING!

when thre's no ppl, NDS-ing! MARIO! <3<3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 240px; height: 320px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5383588587293048354" border="0">NERD x-x

gamepost-ing =D he loves violence games ==

YAYYYY! tmr no working ! =DD
sleep late late & enjoy life !

ILY :)


eminey626 said...

1st comment! xD

i saw u tat day at 1U
ur mum so young!!

Monster said...

yalooh! meet u guys thr~ sei fatty hit me TT
me mummy <3

Fenrill said...

You are Very Cute. Google is my friend, so i find your Blog. :3
Do you have msn or icq? :D