Saturday, August 28, 2010

we're hungry for the 30hours @ HelpCollege

HEHE, hello my dear friends, seems like im the slowest among the blogging kakis in doing this post :D but nevermind right? as long as i did it :D:D

so, the theme for this year 3o hours famine is LIGHT UP THEIR LIFE
Date : 21st Aug (sat) - 22nd Aug (sun)
Time : 10am - 0400pm *but it ends much more later than that :S
Venue : HelpCollege & Bkt Jalil stadim

In the early morning, the ten of us gather at xingti's hrs before 830am, but of cz, some of us are late ( me and ngau ) HAHA!!! thanks her mum for driving us to our destination ;)

reach there, got meet with the friends, did registerations, change into our new teeshirt,
find our group leader, fill in some details of us
and get mess up with our group leader, TRASY =D
she's the one in the first column photo

our group is actually no 27 at first, but after some changing, we changed into group 6ix :D
and these are the team mates :D
7 pretties and 3 gentlemen with the easy going group leader

each of us got this :D
booklet bout the program flow and camp rules

after that, we were asked to put our belongings into a room
and this are the random shots we took before everything starts :DD
hello jia yao ;)

shumeen & xingti

only kenke pose in front of the camera XD

ours :D

the MCs of the event :D:D
marcus on the left and vinc*if im not mistaken on the right
for me, i like marcus much much more than the chubby fella :D
i finally know why kenke and cathssy are so into marcus =D
he's blady cool in his way to conduct the event
he has a silver tongue@!!

we're gathered in the main hall again, listening some lame introductions :)

ice breaker one :)
where we have a lot of fun here!!!
everyone calls his or herself an animal and with a pose of animal :D
i was a dino! rawr~!!

open ceremony after that,
singing theme song

about 1230pm, we had our first game :D
famine challenge one : survive past five!
this is where we have to discuss within our group member
bout what are the top five factors that are important for a child to grow up

one of the five :)
balanced diet
our concept and point of views are different with the major popularity
the first thing we think of is Love and Care where others think the others :D

break time :D

after break time, ice breaker 2 !!
we're running like mad dogs to fullfill the task given!!
the rules are all the members have to be in the photo at some specific place
doing specific task listed in the notes :D

1. a pyramid @ the bsb court :D

2. show me ur ass!!!

3. form a star with every member's one finger

4. a photo with the lion head :D

5. a photo with the water dispenser :D
after the 5 photos, we ran to the main hall and get into the top five among so many grps!!!
congrates :D:D

another break, we're all sweating :D:D
camwhore again lohh
after this, video sharing time! =D

after some videosharing, each of us were given a note like this :D
im lucky that im from a okay okay family :D
some of my friends very kelian that they were borned in a poor family
only weight bout 1+kg and got no food supplY!!
kononnya this is the next game,
Famine Challenge 2- Living in the streets

munn & shu meen :D

what's next?
i will update it in the nxt post!!
my mum wants me to do hrs work ._.


JâĐ said...

My name is Tracy :DDD
Hoho, nice to meet you all! ^^

Monster said...

oppsy!! sorry tracy!

maRCus said...

i see what i like, and i LIKE what i see...! Wee~~!

your this post make me so gian wana revive my blog again! Arrggghhh!! after merdeka, hopefully, it will be back! XD

ps. keep blogging.. youre such and inspiration! and thnx for the kind mention. i quite shy now. >.<

hahaha. wahlaueh!