Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pretties are everywhere but i cant see the hot guys D:

Hello fellow readers! here i am =D
honestly i got no idea what to blog D: there're no smt special happens on me lately D:
HAHAHAH! but please believe me, this post will not make u bored.
Im gonna post about a "ulzzang" which mean pretty face this time :D

this is the hawtie that i wanna share today
she's do hwe ji :D
if im not mistaken, she's a very very famous blogger in korea.

she has very cute and pretty face
very nice height and body :OOOO

i love the hair so much D:

So girls, what i think is, appearance is very important for us :D
there's no more " I consider the inner part of the girl, the appearance is not a prob for me "
Be pretty and everyone will respect u more, will consider bout u more :)
but of cz, the inner part is damn frigging important toh but appearance pun sangat important!!
dun be lazy women :D


eminey626 said...

wow! she is so pretty laa :X

Everlyn said... her blog link?
Wanna view..lolxx =)

Monster said...

eminey : yalohh!!
everlyn : i dun read her blog but i got her photo from tumblr :D:D
k?do u wanna have tat link =)