Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nuff-nang-nang-nang ♥♥


Ladies & Gentleman, guess wad? Me got my first cheque from nuffnang ! awww..
NUFFNANG is love ♥♥

its not a large amount, but its like money dropping from the sky :D
i earn money by doing things i love, i earn the money by just blogging :D


nuffnang :))

Today is a good day for me :D
i skipped school with parents permission ! You know that, school on saturday is disgusting D:
i took lotsa photo using mandy's camera, im glad it turns out good :D

we're sleeping partners :D
she's the one who made me sneezeeeee all the time :D

brian came to my hrs with his family & mcflurry for me :D
happy!! popo is along too :D
this kid, my youngest cousin =D
hahahah!! he's the first kid i met who love to take photos!
he'll just smile and get prepared when theres a camera ! CUTE ASS

she just took her shower in the morning :D
see, my girl is so so so so fat ! cuteeeeeeee :3 :3
& i love the scarf around her neck, HAHAHA!! suit her lots


TEEHEEE, i finally realized how good is it whenever im home :)

anyway, i wanna meet baby as soon as possible :D
i again lovesick again !!♥♥

& mandy too, we will yamcha soon :D:D
chuah & xingti, dun ffk me oh, our starbucks outing :D!!


K3n said...

I think smell "free lunch" on its way.. Haha. Cool, just kidding.

1st pay-cheque huh? Congrats. =)

KahYee said...

okay starbucks!

Monster said...

ken : hahahah!! ask from gene :D

kahchuah : :P

Jo said...

Hi monster,I wanna know how did you blog and got paid?You said that you just blog and blog..erm,I'm a blogger,my blog is with nuffnang ads.But how did the money increase.

Sorry bout asking u lots of questions but I'm blurred.(just so happened I came to your blog)

Congrats on your pay check. :)