Monday, August 23, 2010

30 HOURS FAMINE! i did it :D:D


its ur with marcus, the mc :D

hello my friends!! i did it i did it :D
30 hours without consuming any food!! *okay, just one lil m&m :S

update when i get other photos from my butts :DD
i feel and learnt a lot ;)


eminey626 said...

OHH!!! MARCUS!!! i dont have the opportunity to take photo with him TT

JâĐ said...

congratz! Hope to see ya in future.
Luv <3

maRCus said...

WOW-ness! you blog too! and now i see my face here!! what a pleasant surprise! thnks for the kind feature! i htinkn your group was the most happening one lor! i damm miss you all pulak!aikkks T__T

@ eminey626, oh really? awww.. you shud have just came up to me. hehe. nvm, there's always next time.

or photoshop, if you cant wait till next time. :P

Monster said...

eminey : hahaha!!
jad : will do :P
marcus : we miss u too! =D