Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Lovely Day :D

HELLLOOOOO! hahaha, finally i met my long lost buddy :D
we miss each other kinda much laahh, XD
its a verry sunny morning, after tuition, mummy fetch me to meet mandy in her area =D

its my first time to her hrs :)
she has very very comfy and warm place, well furnished and i love the garden of hers :D
btw, her camera is awesome!!

after we changed, camwhore lahh =D

this is the babe i met today, she's so so cute yet adorable
very nice to talk and fool around :D

this photo still can see my eyes :D

she said she looks so tall here XD

kawan baik-ku :)

what will happen when two camera, photo freak stay together?
camwhore for sure :#

we walk to the club house to swim :D
im kinda excited, it had been ages i dont touch the pool water D:

mandy gioh ♡

our outfit of the day XD


i love this photo so so much :D
and i love the cover of her iphone, pretty pink!! ♡

Finally i reach the place, the club house is real real real so pretty!
it doesnt look like a club house but a resort :O
imagine how pretty is that, so grand, so peaceful, so comfy :D
since its my first time,

HAHA!! so happy :D

this is the place where both of us had fun :D

i like her very muchie :DD

today is my good hair day :D
at least it dont look too mesyy ><

she has pretty fair legs!! D:D: jelous lah!!!

i have stupid face here :S

pretty babe :D

i really gonna do smt to my too-chubby-face TT
buddy buddy :D:D


this is wad we meant by mata sepet ._.


We swim and heart chatting in the water, she cant dive inside bcz she's wearing contact :D
the water is cool and the pool is not deep, we just talk a lot and spend our time peacefully :D
i know more bout her again :D

after :D

even the toilet is nice :O

i love this woman :D

another photo that i love :D

we went for food, cafe in the clubhrs :D

lotsa choice :O

hers :DD


me and my very tempting spaggetthi!! :D:D
you wont know how nice is it until u put it into ur mouth TT
so fattening thou!!

it costs only bout 14++, super super nice man
the smoked salmon is awesome :D

happy moment :D

mandy keep screaming " OMG SO CUTE SO CUTE SO KYUTEEE!!!!"
hahaha, i do agree with her lah.
tis lil boy is really damn cute! his brother is very cute too :D:D

thanks for this babe :D

this babe makes me wanna buy myself iphone!! :DD
the applications are awesome :D:D

love uu :))

when we walk back, we saw siliang and zwen playing bsb, win meng bennedict them joggiing :O

Bobby d cute cute dog!!!
he is also very very adorable :D:D
so cutee!!

she fetch me back after everything :D
thanks for her cute and kind daddy too!!

she's really kind and friendly and easy mixed person.
she's not someone who love showing her money & xpensive stuff thou she's kinda wealthy.
i can feel it thru the way she talks and she act :D
she's someone who appreciate friendship. She loves her two buddies kim & karina very super much :D:D
and love her sister and family!
she's just so cute and adorable in her inside and outside ;)
we will know each other soon buddy! =3

happy hwat eighteen ai mei!!!


chien chien said...

you and your friend are very pretty!

Phang Mei Xin said...

i see your blog in facebook so i here and your blog very nice oh~^^

HIP.PO said...

hahah! THANKS KAKAK! :DD friendship makes us feel happy! ;)

RawrrJiaa_E said...

nice xD

Sheejian said...

hou leng ^^

Shumeen aka Meen said...

both are so adorable!!! <3

eeleen said...

both pretty =D btw wad camera u using? the photoss so nice