Monday, August 30, 2010

What a sugarish day ♡

FYI, New Zealand Ice-Cream will have a 30% discount for every 30th !!!! =D

im just sharing ;) in case u dont know~!
so today, my sis suggested to get ourselves some sweet buds, and randomly my parents are so okay with it :D

there's one thing i hate bout her D:
she donnnnntt knowww how to take photos :((((((
that's the reason why she got so damn lots nice photo taken by me :S

i need some "make-up" to make this photo better ._.
a smaller will do TT

ps:// i randomly meet my baby in dsp !! wahahahahahahah =D
thanks wei wei for calling my name :D
and kaka for suggesting to go DSP
though its just a while D:

& yesterday night...♡♡♡

hehe :D

he's really blady adorable ♡♡♡


I Kinda love you :D

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Anonymous said...

i know ur boyfriend!