Wednesday, August 18, 2010

kononnya an influencer :)

today is a not good not bad day ! AHA :D
but seems like kinda lifeless again, but at least i forced myself to study sejarah & i managed to :D :D
skipped tuition due to the dis-feeling-well of the tummy D:
im thinking whether it is due to my own-self-cooked egg today or im eating too many of oranges ._.

today pn maple came in our class in the 1st two periods ;D
she with us did a personality test which i think it's veryy very accurate!!!
the conclusion of myself, im an influencer among the dominance, steadiness and compliance :D
the following are the ciri-ciri of influencer ;-
  • love to show off
  • over excited and hyper at most the time
  • easily changed in mood, may get into moody state frigging damn easily!!!
  • creative
  • need to be praised
  • can influence others
  • has a silver tongue
  • hedonism
  • emotional, rich in expressions
  • very passion
  • loves daydreaming
  • do not how to manage time
  • is afraid of losing "face"
  • suitable career will be in entertaing field such as clown XDD

honestly, super accurate :O

how do you think bout me? ;)

im afraid of exam ;(


-θ‰Ύε˜‰- said...

Yeah yeah, kinda correct! haha! what is silver tongue ark?

monsterjojo said...

hhahah! silver tongue is "you kou cai" :D:D

maRCus said...

WOW-ness! i can SO SUPER LIKE this post! XDDD