Friday, August 6, 2010

im just so pissed

dammit, so wad can i do now?
consume more desserts to make the stress of mine terbalik-ed?
i just dunno why im so pissed recently, even myself hates myself FML
there're doze of chores to do, yet i got no mood and no force to do it
study? i tried hard to bump my head into the books.
im just reading. reading it without it entering my holly brain
i need some sweatings


yunakiss said...

Feels the same here !!!
Btw, cheer ! =)

Anonymous said...

=) thinks the bright side joo! i'm here to support!

KahYee said...

chill. :)

Monster said...

thanks everyone ;)

eminey626 said...

same >< we are just lack of time TT