Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rockable Night

Ysterday, the last day of October, 31.10.09
joee, xingti, kahchuah, jia-e, jhen liang,chin yuen, JJ went to AAR concert togther lu :)
its not really a concert for them but most people goin bcz of them de lahhhhhh
we meet at kepong ktm before heading there.
met my hou zimui - minthean, ben, weiming, shaun & ........ there lahh!
ben's with contact lens :O!
we bought our ticket & go there by train.

me & my lessbo in railway station :)

sisters ! :)
*no comparing okay? :(

the adorable one :D

along the way, vinvin & vincent boarded the train at Segambut stop *if im not mistaken
we stopped at KL central, WE MAU MAKAN MCD ! :)
bought everything & get in the train again.. :D me like usual, mcflurry lu :D
but its super small size ._____. rawr
the last station, we felt different atmosphere inside.
everyone is speaking in English. Hell Yeah..non of them except us speak in mandarin! LAWL!
reach there, saw long queue already, sis got her ticket from her fwen, & we went to see for kahchuah's friends :) because of them, we're able to sneak in the front queue ! =D
OHH YAA! our big daddy bought us ice-creams too~! Thankss yaa :)

the moment we reached there :D

okayy, the way we squuze in the entrance..! perilous experience i tell youu!
we cant even breath & move! right left side pack with PEOPLE!!
fat one, thin one, &..! i wonder, some of those girls..
still not willing to tie up her hair even though the whether is killing ! & who's the victim for that?
we we we !!! those girl lining in front of me, & me? like makan-ing their hair only .___. ewww
fine, its just a small matter. the interesting part is, how i stuck in between 2 fella !
its really so sucky to stay in between 2 strangers, cant move your hand & body at all ! wow ! new experience :O
after some times *bout 45mins i dhk ._____.
im the one hu get into the main entrance first, *i rmb i din even move a little forward. ppl around pushing & pushing!! rawr
& yet follow by others, we get a pack of yellow thingys & blew it, two yellow stick stuffy!
run to the centre & we felt so glad to get the quite-front-center-position =D

the crowd, all tall fella ==

u know wad? the hair is all wet !

chuah vinvin & vincent :D

we stood there for hrs i dhk, listening to the hitz but it keep repeating only lahh!
&&&&& it rains too! luckily it rain ! abuden i dhk someone is going to faint x_____x
i realised short ppl is hard to compete fresh oxygen whn come to a crowded place !
and and and couples are all around :(
& sooner, dark surroundings :)

still camwhoring lahh -D

okayy, the party started with our local band,
what shud i comment bout this? wat they sang, we dunno!
who's those getting high? malays .________.
& we gang getting so frustrated & angry & all in bad temper at tat moment.
those giler barbee were pushing behind, sceaming & do stupid thingy.
there's one nearly quarrel with chuah le :x
& when there's some activities, those annoying humankind showing their disrespect to the host!
" DIGI SUCKS! " & "F*CK OFF" & "SSSSS-HOW" & so on~
though we dun like those lameeee activities, we shudnt do that right?
menye-sia-suikan malaysian! GRRRRRRRRR
& wat i wana say is? i dhk those ppl feel like punching me? know wad?
im the one hu keep my mouth shut, doing nth to them. They push & i just stand there, base area is big enuf so that they cant move me !! wheeeeee! :P
seee juni, chia yao's gang too
there's another one hour to wait, for our main GUEST- AAR!
however, honestly we cant really stand it anymore especially my sis, jhen liang & chuah
my sis is so in bad mood & jhenliang isnt feeling well & chuah having gastric .____.

the emo face

we decided to go to the back to find some fresh air & space!!
& luckily we got ourselves right decision. The feeling behind is totally diff !
with nicer people as there's no more BARBEEE! more space & better view
*wondering why we so eager to rush to the front at first .___.
Its AAR !!! AARRR!
All the girls are
swooning over the famous band! included me :)
im one of the big fans too!! =DDDD
holding the yellow thingy, shake our body with the beat =D
awwww.. i LOVE the atmosphere :D

Move Along
Fallin' Apart
Damn Girl
Gives You Hell
Mona Lisa
Dirty Little Secret
It Ends Tonight
The Wind Blows
Real World
Here I Sit
I Wanna
Swing Swing

Paper Heart

The Last Song

*copy & paste from yingching's bloggie :D
& i dhk thats what they sang

songs presented by them ;D they rock the whole world.
Vincent the good brother carry vinvin & let her sit on his shoulders! She had the best view among us =D
I did only fully enjoy whn AAR's up there! woohoooo! honestly, it's a waste that gene & shumeen & jwen din join the crowd. although there's smt bad happening in the beginning :/
Im not satisfied yet after those songs, i WANT more :(
while waiting for xingti's mummy to fetch us home, we CAMWHORE luuu =D

from left, JJ the new friend, joeeeeeee the monster & yuen the cute one =D

the super best Buttt

the sisters

i love her lahh :D

In a nutshell, i've the best night =D a rockable night that ! =D
with my budds & party yet nice people *excluded barbeeee !
& im happy to spend my day with my little cousin too! we got so less time to be with each other
& this event makes us getting close =D
& i got home sorethroat & sour legs & back & a lot of sweat! =O

AAR, please come again & im sure i'll come to seeee YOU guys ! =D

credits to
* my parents who allow me to go
* xingti for her phone to snap all those little pieces of memories
* xingti's mama who willing to fetch us back
* B who sent me msges to ask me to takecare of myself :)
* yingching who gave my sis the ticket
* vincent who bought us drinks & ice-cream

&& Happy belated HALLOWEEN =D

im not prepared for tmr yet.
godblessme :(


Mun said...

eeee seems so funnnnn :D

KahYee said...

dirty little secrettttt!!!
Fuckkkyeahhh..The barbeeee isss fuckinggg annoying!!!

Monster said...

its fun! =DDDD