Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hollyy Yeahh! Im setted freee =D

okay, guess wad?
today is the last day of my form4 examination! =DDDDDDDDDDD
i know its not a big deal, but for me, it is ! mayb i shud say for most of us =D
PHYSIC IS HARD !!!!!! calculation, calculation & calculations!!!!!! .___.
that's a conclusion that i would like to make bout this exam.
i truthfully work hard on most of the subjects, had 3hrs sleep for days & this make me having panda eyes now .__________. & i do not cheat ! wohoooo..
so, whatever results i got, i dhk i shud be satisfied baaa? NOOOOO
if it is bad i will be super sad, i dhk :(
please lahhh, at least no fail okay? i dun wanna break my ownself's record :/

today plan to stayback for a while since there's no more exam :)
with lao tineeee
we found out that we got nothing to do at skul, so why dont we just go for a movie out there?
walk out of the skul, saw xingti waiting outside
she said " ni men qu na li oh? "
" qu kan xi " =D
" hai bu kuai dian qu! kenke yongsheng yanni tamen zai deng bas liao "
we walked to the T-junction whr ppl wait for the bus, saw kenke they all there!
HAHAHAHAHAH , so call " bu yue er tong " =D
waited for the bus for quite long *actually nt so long lahh*
& me acting like an idiot whn crossing the road, made everyone O___O
sorry! catssy said " joeee, jiang ai ren jia kan bu dao ni zhuang shang qu zen me ban?"

reached there bout 2++, was planning to watch The TimeTraveller's wife,
because it started few minutes before we reach there, we consider another movies which is the "Poker King" & " Pandorum'' & due to smt we decided to remain our very first movie, The TimeTraveller's wife =D
skip all the craps ! The movie is nice, touching yet meaningful =D
Appreciate wat you're having now people. Do you know that everything around you is precious? every moment you spent with your love one, just appreciate =)

Had lunch in the hongkong restaurant, like usual,
my cheeezyy baked spaggeti luu :] *im fat !
talk a lot with my budss, share a lot of our thoughts! AHA
it had been so long we din sit down like this & talk lahhhhh :)
went home by taxi with ah tine
& i owe her bout RM28!

picha for the day =D
thanks the only male fren, mr pink pig to snap this

just got a call,
tmr Jennifer's body?
IneedMoneyseriously =D

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