Thursday, November 26, 2009

24th November 2009

aAfter tuition, xingti's daddy fetching me & xingti to ktm station. Tell you what, we're heading to Keat's hrs for BBQ party! =D hell yeah ! im being so excited to his house party,, hmm.. or shud say im so eager to go out recently ._________.
& something stupid happened on me. My
slipper dah rosak in the tuition centre. :P HAH! God bless, luckily lao mun still near her hrs whn i called her for help =D
She brought me her greenie slippers =D thanks buddyy!
reach KTM station, met yanni, xuxu, yongsheng, reuben, lingling =D waited for swing & yeah!
get in the train =D
Keat's mummy came to sgbuloh ktm station, fetching 10 of us =D we packed like sardine in Anser but its darn fun ! HEHE
Keat's hrs is blady big & nice! the surrounding is nice too! quient & peaceful.
Playground & bsb coart in front ;)
As u know, our cool boy keat cooked fried rice & did pudding by himself *Claps*!
First of all, let me list out who's in this party =D
me, xingti, yanni, munmun, swing, xuxu, lingling,braaaa, reuben, ah mah, ngao zai, lao soon, keat himself,& who else hmm? no more i dhk :P
we eat, talk, fooling around :D
wow, i just love that night!
oh yeah! its not perfect enough! My hubby got sick =( He needs rest !
Im glad he's okay today :3

a song to share,
recently my fav!

蔡旻佑 - 小乖乖


WanShan said...

lol which ling ling??


i like the song too~xiao guai guai~

aHsoOn said...

Sien lor lao jo...i prepared the friedrice too leh....nvr say thx to me pun

Monster said...

sorry luu lao soon!