Friday, November 6, 2009

Supreme blessedness :)

i got a date today, after skul =)
at the usual playground we used to go
me feeling so good to be with the boyfriend
being loved, appreciated & cared
today seems to be a little bit different
you gonna fully concentrate on your exam le
no more date for this 2 months *sobs

& i guess this will be the last time we go to the playground right?
eheee.. cause there's so little possibility for us to be there after you graduate XDD
we will been to better places =D!!
wohoooo, no more worries when there's a rainy day
no more mosquitoes around
no more hot sun

AHA, i dun care about those actually'
everything just goes too good whenever im with youuuu :P
15mins walking distance from skul,
passing by housing area & roads
we talked & laughed out loud along the way =D
rainy day is not bad, squeezing in a small area & try to avoid the rain water
its fun =D me being stubborn when you asked me to go into the hrs
i just dun wan lahh~ wheeeee!
we used to play on the sharkie & chiky alike thingy, swings & sitting on the yellow thingy
feel the wind & look at the blue sky
its wonderful ;)
snapping picha & lay on you :) wheee! me likeyy =D
we did so MNY things there
1st kiss? :P
large part of our memories start here ! HEH

da ben dan, spm is just around the corner
or shud say..very SOON

& you did really study & trying your best to get better results
you're putting effort
im so glad when you tell me you studying! =O
keep on the good work & i'll always be here

xo !


Sammy said...


- said...

so sweet of you =]

mrsaimun said...

finally open ur blog already wo. hahaha...

Eugene ! said...

damn sweet .
envy sia ! TT

♥ Ÿee єй ♥ said...

Sweet larrh xD