Thursday, November 5, 2009

4.11.09 Wed
Pandorum with my budddsss :)
kahchuah, xingti, shumeeeeeeen, lao mun & fei-ti =D
the movie is not bad, kinda nice & scary!
i pour the popcorn to myself while screaming ._________.
alien-ed creatures :S
had fun =D

alright, this is the son of the creature :S
ewww.. like juno !!!!!!!!11 TT

& i really wanna watch jennifer's body so much!
when again huh?

5.11.09 Thurs
i dun like today :)
excluded those results, & the girls' talk
im not so in the mood! HAHAHA =_________=
sleep for bout 4hrs in granny's hrs
tuition got running nose *damn it

i wan back my camera =(

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eminey626 said...

d little thing so cruel ><