Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Months Anniversary

hmm, like wad i plurked. I GOT LOADS to blog about :P

13.11.09 Friday

Oh yea~ its graduation day! & me no schooling :)
for some reason, i went to skul =D HOHOHOHOHO!
before i start my long crap, gonna give adik a BIG THANK YOU!
you know & i know :P
waited for my darling to snap photos with his budds & teachers
& had his class party! :D
he brought me food tooooo~
ai mei :DD

Nasi lemak! :D
we got another shot , crazy one! but i look so so ugly in it :X
& the scence while snapping the photo! HAHAHAHA funny
gene pop out & said " HORRRR!" nasi lemak immediately saying sorry! LMAO!!
no worries buddy :)

beeeeeeeee shan :D

after that, we off to metro prima jusco :P
in fei hao's car, kinda embarrassed at first :O cause its all his gene's friends !
but luckily my boyfriend took good care of me *dun be perasan :P & of coarse, his frens were being friendly. Im so glad :D
Jusco that day is packed with kb-ians! we can see couples around :P
& the cinema :D HAHAHAHAHAH almost all =)

watched the movie 2012,
i'm being obedient while watching movie !!!! =P
hmmmm, wad to say bout that movie?
For me its not so good like wat i had expect, everything seems like too fake & got no much feeling bout that. But overall its okay :)
after movie, den had Tepanyaki
fei hao, alan, GC, xxKANG, xxLun along, of cz both of us
he had sai mun rice PS;// its SALMON & me having beef noodles
on the way home, snapping snapping photos with darling lu :)
but dunno why i cant find the phtos! sobs :(
A great day for me!
First mall outing with boyfriend

ps;// mummy travels to indo with her bunch of friends :)

16.11.09 Monday

its monday! i skipped school today~
Im not lazy :P daddy's having uric acid & his foot was is pain :(
He cant drive me to skul hence staying at home lu!
actually daddy got better in the morning =D
had breakfast & spent my day with daddy & sister at home the whole day :D
it had been long time we din spend time like this.
No computes , what else can i do?
Daddy brought us to the supermarket nearby,
bought home DVD, ice-creams & snacks!
waiting mummy to come home!
bout 5++ pm, mummy reached home safely with aunt lai san :)
she bought us back a lot of tees !! omg
paul frank paul frank & paul frank! ♥
& of coarse, choco too!
thats the reason why im not attend to Timun's physic lesson today!
sorry teacher :P
had thai dishes as dinner :)
made sushi for next day anniversery =D
& this, found it in my room & i just....

sorry, it looks a bit.. DIRTY :(
& it is still with me now :D

17.11.09 Tuesday

okay, skul like usual but no class for the whole day exclude Addmaths
Pn Hoong is being too hardworking :P
& The class, got so less people!! Its so quiet & not crowded at all
unusual to it

chor dai deeeee, our entertainment for the day :D

xingti looks slim-er in black :P

he said that he needs a new FB profile picha :D!!

the love birds :D

u die or me die? sure YOU lahh jia yao! :P


in washroom :P timer!

pretty Pn Ong, agree?
had chitchat with her at last period

went back granny's hrs by cab :) im getting used to it :D
bunch of uncles & auntys were in popo's hrs
i wonder how am i goin out to meet my darling later? :D
luckily, it goes so smoothly!
Today is our
2 months anniversary day ♥♥
Meeting up at spicy :D & had our chatting for hours :D
it's raining outside

boyfriend & girlfriend ♥♥

finally it stop & we walked out to the playground we first date.
Changed our plan whn the sky rains again :D
menjalara park!
its kinda romantic walking together in rainy day :P

Reach there, talking &
recordin stupid videos!
AHAHAHAHA so fun =)
the wind blew, so cool ! no much picha cause all with him xP
went home at 6++pm, yugi fetching!
thanks a lot :)

We had bonded strongly for 2 months. Im so glad.
The feeling grows stronger each day pass. He's being so sweet, giving me all the sweetness & sweet scent. A caring & adorable boyfriend he is. I feel really comfortable whenever Im with you. Texting, on phone, chatting & hanging out :) Im so touch & suprised when you gave me a call yesterday night at sharp 12. I did not realise the time as i was busying painting the stone stuff :P
& today, you spent your afternoon with me though the next day is the first day of SPM
you look so tired darling. but you still make me happy & laugh out load during the time. Im sure we can stay with each other til there's no tmr.
I love you eugene

18.11.09 Wed

no poker today, burried myself in the library the whole day.
so so into a novel but too bad cant manage to finish it all
will continue tmr :P

after skul walked back to xingti's hrs.
Cant reach tine & get car pool
No taxi around when its raining :)
i love the blue transparent umbrella lahh! its so cute!
& im blogging here! heh
meet my darling a while today before skul :D
He said today's exam is okay! Im so happy! =DD

Form5 & form6-es
jojo blessing you here :P


HEART CREATED said... life story was so nice~i begin to like your blog~

-θ‰Ύε˜‰- said...

Sweetcouple! wish u two can be with each other forver=)

Monster said...

heart created : aww! thanks thr :)

aijiaa : hehe!! thank you!! =D

Sin Ying said...

halo joee!
ni hen ke ai oh..~
ni yao sweet sweet hen ni de boyfrineed :)

Monster said...

thanks sin ying!