Monday, October 26, 2009


alright, had addmaths today!
i know you know wat am i going to say.
It's just so so so tough :(
maybe just for me..
& im happy to see kahchuah excited for few question that she can do well =D
aiyaahh! ytd night has stayed for so long to see thru but seems like turing out nothing :(
hmm, anyway, it is no use to cry over the split milk :D
im workin hard for tomorrow's PMoral :)
wheeeee! wanna score high marks on it ! wheeee

btw, i had the best recess period today =D
HAHAHAHA! its just a little bit too good for me =D
to you guys, mayb its like..nothing but me, SOMETHINGG
wheeeee ! the heart beat, bopbopbopbopbopbop!!!!!
when he's walking towards me, :D * i dint knw B'll come to my floor & look for me :)
studying during recess with his accompany
read the funniest formal letter written by him =D HAHAHAH
learnt a new vocab "fruitful" wheeee

omg, 11.40pm now!
left one bidang of moral values! 5moress!!

seriously i need a camera right now :(
mine spoilt :(
i cant live without a camera :(

okay, this is how my pretty girl sleep .______.
so cute right? =DD
she got new face!
had her full grooming & now bcm a szetzu-terrior~ =)

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