Friday, November 13, 2009

The Day Before 2009 Graduation

First of all, =D
me get this from my hubby on wednesday :) 11.11.09
AHAHAHAHAH!~ i Love it so so so much
(4 hotdogs, egg, corn, hearted shape ham, flower shaped tomato slices )

i finish them all =D

okay, now its about ytd 12.11.09
the day we gonna say byebye to those upper six & beloved form5 friends
honestly its so hard to say goodbye
especially to those form 5 :(
we started to peep them since form1
til form 4 & now we gonna say goodbye to them :(
especially few few people luuuu
those closed fren
gene luu, lao han, lalat,wil wil, ai mei, joyceyyy,kuz, kai chi, ah keh, kahyeng, keiii, shermaine, ah chap, monkey & yugi & so on lahh! so many more..
but then, wish them all the best & luck in SPM, in everything =D

after perhimpunan, SQM got duty,
of coarse we dutied & chitchatting & fooling around :D
& afte recess, snap lotsa pichaaas!
& i love them all =)

me, eugene & swing swing in deco :D

xingti & xuxu :D

me in dark :O

inilah si lembu :P

by meen :D

kahchuah is strong :DD

lady sangat?

im ugly here but chuah loves this pichaa!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

keii gonna screw u up :P

i likeyy this oneeee :D

me & meen! gonna say thousand, million thanks to herr! for the camera :3


mw :D


big eye-es :D

so cutee lahh!

ah kehh

me & wilwil :DD

me & lao han :DD

the tall & the short .____________.v

joey vs joee! :D

my boyfriend lahh :)

somehow, we;re related :DD
zhao ying

shwuying :D
she's pretttyyy!!! ulu ir day :O

joycey joycey! :D

my best bud ever! =D lalat~!!

the cheerful one =D

burly man :O

eddie :D

my everlasting bestie :3

mr keii :D

the couple :P

thinthin & fatfat :DDD

lisaaaaaaaaaa & me!! :D

after that,
me kahchuah & xingti headed back to Xt's hrs luuuuuu
p;s// why did i blog like im going to graduate? :x
for more pichas,
pls click


KahYee said...

i missss theeeee form 5!!!

JOYCE.A (: said...

gonna miss those fun with you girls!!! =(

Sammy said...

Your macaroni is even better! <3
Thank you!

HIP.PO said...

AHHA! no worry kakak, we've handphone, we've facebook! scare you pak tor until forget me only :P

Monster said...