Monday, November 23, 2009

Somehow, i hate parents being not understanding. sometimes

sometimes i wonder,
why people behave like that?

when i ask peacefully & politely
you guys will just give me the same answer,
forever the same
bored with it

okay fine,
its with 3 very close teacher, they leaving us & we held a party for them
in ktv in midv
im actually not so into the outing today (MONDAY)
but just.. i dun hope to get that answer in that so so so not good way
by showing me those kind of " OUT AGAIN?" face .___.

okay, due to this
my mood got bad ytd night,
its not because of the disallowing to go out but those kind of talking manner
normal people do feel like not talking & etc right? same do I
hello? you expect me to laugh around & talk like usual?
& suddenly you let out " dun ever dhk i will let you go when you place a shitty face & dont talk, i rather this kind of quiet situation whr i dun nid to listen to those noise frm you "
wtf. This really bothers me. It hurts

I just act like usual today,
parents back to granny hrs & wish them like usual
maybe they realize the situation is not right? & like ajak me to talk with them
im still being polite. I answer wad they ask me, no extra
i dhk they feel the abnormal

& mummy rmb the tuesday night BBQ that i've mention to her on saturday
& they lke suddenly automaticly ask me bout that
that time, i din feel good
what have come to my mind is
why you have to do like this?
only agree smt when im being somebody,
when i dun feel like talking to you
is that like a barter?
is that the meaning of give & take

cant you just be understanding?
yea, you guys told me
" Im understanding, if you tell me & ask me before you goin, im sure i will let you go! "
awww..forget bout that

Outing, NO!
okay i will acc it with good reason :)

"No", must be accompanied by a reasonable excuse please
dun throw me smt that i cant even acc .________.

im just crapping


Sammy said...

cheer up :)
You got me!

N£o said...

aunty don't be emo!

:) Thongyen said...

every parents also lidat de lahh
their main purpose is FOR YOUR OWN GOOD !!

Monster said...

geneee : :D

neo thanks uncle~! :)

thong : i jz cant acc the way they do


hey`don't be sad la~happy mah~happy holiday~