Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Do list

bye bye 2009 joee ;)

2010, its gonna be a kinda tough year for me i dhk? :) SPM is really coming. Xingti told me not to dhk about it first..but duno why? just super scary whenever i dhk of SPM. Gosh, hahahah im aiming for it =D A+, A- & A ! even A got its catogaries .__. shit man.
Studies, one of the main matter in 2010 =D

  • Make sure results keep on improving
  • SPM straight A, if possible, few A+
  • Fully enjoy Form5 school life, last year in high school
  • Snap more photos ! =D *what is this? HAHAH
  • Relationship as good as now, or.. Sweeter? =D
  • Friends, maybe more outings? HAHAHAHAH last year la wei :)
  • Be more active in school activities
  • Oh ya, KEEP FIT lahh ! =D

so far like this only lahh ! =D
HAHAHA, school tmr.. wondering how's it. I hope it will be a good starting =D
peace out !

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