Sunday, January 31, 2010

They Are The Reason Why =)

Okayy! Me gonna blog bout my wonderful school life =D
hell yeah, i got my SQM duty last week. That makes me having tanned skin right now =D

Im the only one who got duty that day =D
the others with uniform, PONTENGGG!

& this is my fei fei chuah :D the skinny hand must be ah mun!

We actually wan to snap a photo whn im jumping in air :P

small eyes family. MY UNCLE =D

xuxu ! cheer up butt! we'll be with you =)

She said she loves this photo =D

again, my chuah chuah =D

duty-ing =D The sun is SOH SOH BIKKKKKKK!

HAHAHAH! miss umbreeee-aalla!

this uncle, kacao-ing! =P

teacher did this almost everyday! HAHAHA

spot yit jiun & the tiny ant =D

me & the camwhore kaki =D

& of cz, my feifei :D

Drawing lines :D

this is whn nini kena black oil XDDD!!

posing everyone =D

why do i looks like mcd here? .__.

seriously its damn hot =D

xuxu & adeline :D

a L-O-V-E

my shoes :DD

see that feifei :S

me & yuqing =D
she's so excited when she gt the chance to do the linings =DD!!

any comment bout this photo? jhen liang ar jhen liang~
small eyes .__.!

yanni, the aussie girl =D!!!


seee! kuik kuik is so so pretty! =D

chuah is too shy :P


& this is EYU EYU~~
spot her hand "imauyou" =D

timer :D

2 days of SQM duty, on wednesday & thursday!
though its kinda tiring & i got sunburnt & etc, but i truly enjoy the moment i spent with my butts! =DD
dark skin to meet my BABY the other day ><
hahahahaha =3

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