Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A post just for my best bud =)

heyy my friend, there's so many things bang on you recently.
Family's health prob, idiot hiden around you, love prob & so so so alot. =(
Im so sorry that i cant help much.. what can i do is just be right here with you !
There's stages of challenge we may face in our way to the adult world, a superb complicated environment :(
what can we do is just overcome those with patience.
Dun ever think like you are lost or smt that will make u feel so depress !
You have to realize you got a bunch of bestie supporting you ! =D
Dun forget, we love you so much, so dun disappoint us alright?
Stand up & beat those down =D
we all ur back up !

i care bout you


KahYee said...

Is that me?
Don't worry..baby.
I will be alright. :)
Im tough dun forget. :P

Monster said...

kahyee : =D

hun shui : err? did i "pi ping"? ==