Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bussy Bussy School !


First week of school, kinda tired. & now finally weekends ! So fast, one week past.
But, first week of school is always fun. First, you'll be so anxious to know who's ur class teacher (though we all knw it will be firdaus again ! =D ), and so on the newbie of sesi pagi ! Very lucky, there's no much "seafood" like i thought before the school starts ! wheeeee

Monday 4.1.10

First Day of schoool, =D

luckily i still manage to fit myself in my pina-form! =D

firdaus a bit fei liao HAHAHA

girlfrenku :D

ketua keceriaan =D

Tuesday 5.1.10

Aww..I din bring along my baby camera to school today!
Sivik teacher is funny ! He asked us to fold paper aeroplane & shoot the target on the board !
HAHAHAHHA! I've forgotton whats' his name! :c
& my baby starts working today :D!

Wednesday 6.1.10

nothing much today i dhk? i've forgotten what had happen!

love birds :)

genki genki !! =DD

she deleted another photo of me & her ! :(
i look slimer den feifei jelous :P!!!!!
she said this photo better wor! HAHAHA

ah keat!!!!! =DD

2 pairs?? O.O
scandal oh xingti~~

BI lesson in media room =D

yan in orientation HEHE

hahahah~! =D
scout orientation

walking back xingti's hrs :D
my 2nd hrs? HAHAHAHAH
oranges! mmmm

acc mummy to have steamboat at dsp! =D
pretty marmeeee! hehehehe

Thursday 7.1.10
AGM for rumah sukan today ! =D
guess wad? Nizam is the teacher who lead RedHrs.
what come to my mind is "DIE DIE DIE .___." He's just soo.. sooo..? slow x__x
the way he talk & etcetc..
Im so glad that most of those who hold position are all my butty ! XD
hahahah, & yea..Im taking the "Ketua Hiasan Khemah" post. .___. TT
stress to the max ! gahh ! hope i can manage well?
since my fwens all helping =D

kaiyan dare me not to take out my camera :P

Friday 8.1.10

school library :)

Today everything is good, but i got gastric durin the last two period .__.
Its not gastric i dhk, angin masuk sahaja..feeling so so so damn uncomfy =D
but still, enjoy BM lesson, Pn Rahimi is so funny! HAHA

Saturday 9.1.10

Scout meeting today ! Form4 leading newbie =D
So happpy to see them byk om ! & they lead them well :)
we ajk leading form2 & 3 ! still kinda syiok lahh.. =D
im so glad she came. how i wish i dare to say HI?

a gift from the first scout meeting 2010

Saturday tuition today, Sejarah by ah Mark ! HAHAHAHAHAH
mmg so same like whn i was in form2 & 3 ! He can really make all of us laugh! =D
after that, BIO ! so chi gek..teacher was so damn fast ! =D
& mny of my friends claim that i looks like the Bio Teacher @@? =D
& HAPPY BDAY To Kuih Kapet! =D

hope can meet my darling soon,
misss him so damn much


kenwooi said...

makes me think back of my school days.. =)

Anonymous said...

Haha... same olympus nice nice!!
ur pic so candid... love it...
Wished i can go way back and continue taking school's pichas..
Nice start... good luck!
Ketua keceriaan lols!

( call him lo so miss him ceh~ )

Monster said...

kenwooi : YEAHH! post this kinda stuff is for nxt time memories :D

kuz ! HELLLOOOO! =D Olympuss good ! =D hehehehe! come visit my bloggie more frequent Lu :P & thanks? :D