Saturday, January 16, 2010

My every second is worth =D

First of all, i would like to blog bout the "wii" day in my kaima's hrs =D
im so surprise to see my parents enjoy so much whn they are playing the high-tech game! HHAHAHA
especially my mama =)

11.01.10 Monday

The above photo shown is when the bunch of girls discussing bout kenke's bday celebration behind the class. Teacher wasn't teaching. =) actually they wan to make it secretly but guess wad?
The secret party failed .__. due to the cacat-ness of them HAHAHAHAHAH!!!
they are like so hyper & talk so loudly! =D
ehem, actually, im one of them >< && at night, was doing this card for the next day bday celebration =D
It's not a bday card but only a cardboard for photosnapping~! HAHAHAHAH
you'll know more bout it if u continue reading my post ! AAHAHA!

12.01.10 Tueday
after school went to celebrate kenke's 7teen bday ! =D
its a week earlier, we planned to go Nelson Tan by bus
but so long we waited, not even one came =(
we splited into 2 groups to go by taxi~ kenke they all first
& after some while, BUS CAME !
So the leftover boarded the bus n... =D

walking from bus stop

reach there 55 order le luu~
we're starving :S

the 1st batch =D

mun is too happy with her meal =D

& mine =D
smt cheezy & milky ! me loveeee

those who go by bus =D

handmade board =D

& here's the miss cute dimple =D
the bday girl !

the very cacat xingti

the one who always claim that her face is fat

OH YEAHH, urs truly :S

Yanni got her short hair =D

3 of us =D

me & the bday girl =D

cun ga fok! =D

me & xingti left earlier, going to tuition =D
While waiting taxi, had long talk with my dearest baby! ♥♥

after tuition snap photos with my honey chu han =D
we got bout 30+ photos ! HHAHAHAH

Wednesday 13.1.01

Snap photos for papan notice tday :)

am i ceria enough?

Thursday 14.01.10
physic experiment =D
i managed to memperbesar mata & mulutku ! =D hahahahaha

me using colgate XDDD

& at night, after my chemistry tuition...

til midnight for the notice board ._.

Friday 15.01.10

Stay back for squard today =D meeting & duty ! &&&& also
snapping photoss session! =D

the newbies =D


jwen so cute :D

the four girls =D

simply love this =D

oppsy :P

aww, love photo on the field =D

more in fb =D

love them =D

& oh yaa! i had a great talk with darling on phonee !!!!
HHAHAHAHAHA love him lahh <3
hey people :)
this is my 2nd week of school =D I truely enjoy a lot ! & i love my bm teacher, pn rahimi too ! & the addmaths teacher pn ooi~! Hehehe FYI, my name have been written in the buku kawalan =x
wheeee ! darling is working so hard (actually not very hard onlyy lahh! still manage to call his gf using office phone :P ) TAKE CARE ARRRR!

& also to my blog reader, hope u guys enjoying ur 2010 too ! =D
peaacee out


WanShan said...

wow~what a long post xD

HIP.PO said...

i love the last picture!

Wei said...

the chuhan is from sinar bintang? she is pretty! :D and i love rahimi too!

eminey626 said...

wow!! just the second week of school.. then had a lot of activities already, so good! ><

-θ‰Ύε˜‰- said...

lols, u're ceria enough! haha >,< And i love the pic u all to0k on the grass!!

Monster . KahChuah . IceCream said...

wanshan : yea :D HAHAHAHA
adik : =D
wei : yupp! she's pretty =D
eminey : HAHAHA! create ourselves
ai jia - xD