Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day Of School :)

Woke up so early tdy =D 6am~
Dunno why, felt so excited just when i heard the alarm rang ! HAHA
i thought i dun really wanna go to school the few day past? so random

Phew, luckily im not late today, but nearly.. :X
met my group of butts :D miss them a lot !
So unusual to see new faces in morning session, i miss the 2009 form 5 =D

Where's my class? ex 4B ! hahahah
5E & 4E are my neighbours, so near! this year really weird, form5 classes separated far apart !

Mr Firdaus still the class teacher =D
Meng Hern, The Monitor
Ngau Zai, Ass Monitor
Kenke, Bendahari
Joee aka myself, Keceriaan :D
KaiHong, Kebersihan
HAHAHAHAH, keceriaan again =D

overall today is fun :)
chitchatting before recess & study after recess!
BC teacher, x__x so strict ! :O

toook some photos tdy !
update this post soon :D
byebye butts!

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