Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the 4 Months Anniversary

yeayeayea :) I've been with my darling for four months :) Time flies huh?
wheeee, this month just like the past month =( we din meet out & celebrate together.
Nevermind, we both are busy ! =D hahahah, so we just celebrate tru phone :P
texting the whole day & talk on the phone.
Aiks, for me. Everyday of mine are so sweet with gene lah =D
The last time i met him was 3 of Jan. The day before the school starts..
so now *counting*..bout 16days i din see his face =(
Darling's working ! & me schooling luu~
As we said, "absence makes our heart grows fonder"
we still love each other so much now !
I love you baby ! =3


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