Sunday, May 31, 2009

Addiction ♥

Oh Yeahh,
guess wat?
i signed up Facebook which i dhk i wont :x
& i ADDICT to it~!

d barn buddy :) which i earn lots of $$ here

and super cute pet! JOJO
& it transform to..

a cuter wan ! =3
JOJO's not naked !

& she finally won it T^T

d Restaurant City :D
Fatty, Kien & Keii inside thr =D

word challenge! :P



Keith said...

omg..i lose the word challenge! XD

KhAi Chai said...

word challenge ~! Mojojo come challenge me wahahahaha xD

Monster said...

keiii : u sengajaaa wan ><

khaiii : u giler geng man! dun wan :P

Kien Lam. said...

you my next worker LOL!

ahkln said...

i got play poker, haha wif my sis account

eminey626 said...

lol.. facebook games damn nice lar!!

Monster said...

kien : u adi my worker? :P
kIn: make one acc and play sia!
eminey: XDD yeappp! agreee :DD