Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holidays :)

oh yeah,
finally did smt today :D
me & sistaa making sushi sia ,
last night ask my parents brought me to DPC jusco buy those ingredients :x

me & sistaa are so excited,
how to say leh? first time making tis kind of thingy ma :P
cooking rice, just agakagak only ;x but luckily no prob :D

me payin attention :O

wondering why i wont 4get to camwhore :x

hasil~ :P

another shot ! :D

not bad right? can open shop d lahhh!
joking joking
& I love to make sushi :P

me goin to work for my very 1st time
going to help my aunty to take care her timesquare stall :)
her worker gone for holidays !
& me now..
nervous =S
wondering how is it ;x

gahhh ;(


Shumeen said...

ga yao jojo!
support u!
lol... my word verification is : working.
so ngam

Jie Jiun said...

belanja me makan u knw!! =)))))))0

Gizo said...

got work for you to do.lucky man.
my holiday is going to be boring.

Abou said...

Yummy yummy and my tummy hungry hungry.. .

eminey626 said...

i wan eat!!! arhh!!!

Blur. said...
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Blur. said...

Sushi :D
My fav :D
So how did it turn out? :D

soki thean said...

deliver 10 set thx

Monster said...