Saturday, May 23, 2009


WOHHOOOOO, d saturday =)
today having scout AGM which is the very important day for f4 scouts :D
is da day we guys noe wat pose are we gonna be :P
and yet,
all of us make ourself turn on da day, i mean f4 lahhh
da thingy i'm quite disappointed is tat most of da f3 din turn up TT
so sad..
and for those hu turn up, i'm really happy with it =D
thanks lot!

guess what position i got?
da position i <3>
its its its..KETUA KECERIAAN ! ;D

hehhh, mayb it seems like nothing but actually SOMETHING for me =)
something i want da most :)
incharging in NoticeBoard deco & i wanna make smt new,
i wanna create a new bloggie for 20th scout :)
hope i can do it well =)

btw, my buds get not bad position too!
GL, group leader falls on LAO KEN! =D congrates sia!
u can do it well
Bendahari, LAO TI (ice cream)
she get wat she wants too!
Penolong Bendahari, LAO TINE (christine)
Setiausaha, falls on miss rainbow! (LISA LISA) :D
everyone of us (f4) is happy thr, =D

really grown up..
wish i can really do my job well,
cooperate with my assistant YONGSHENG ;D

stay in skul frm 7am til 6pm
only with 1 bottle of water,
small bowl of tomyam for breakfast
freaking hungry
bussy with carnival preparation
hope everything will be okay :)

picha will be posted up soon =)
be patient !


Andrew said...

Keceriaan !!! XD
Make everyone ceria leh. haha.
online lar. got thing to tell :(

kenke said...

thanks and grats budd ^^

MicKy said...
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