Thursday, May 7, 2009


tdy morning,
get my temper rising bcz of someone's selfish-ness
excuse me? i dhk u consider my very close bud right?
but why are u saying those so damm annoying words tdy?
" its copyrighted, cant lend to her de lahh!!"
tis is frm her to a fwen of mine
she's jz like warning him not to borrow me the note
i noe its really copyrighted but hello..!
i jz wanna borrow it to see whr's da exam scope?
is tat wrong? somemore u are my bud lah wei
shud u be lyk haggle over every ounce?
i noe you well , get to predict how will u react and wat u will tell me if i ask frm u
and tats da reason why i choose to ask frm the others
but u..
feeling so frustrated of u

& i wanna thank another fwen of mine :D
she's da one hu really surprise me!
i nvr ask her for that but she brought to me
how touching is that :D
i'm really excited but she told me she brought for me
really..its really unexpected =D
LOVE U girl

i dhk i noe
hu is being a real good fwen
hu is da half-real-half-fake fwen

i dun wan tis to be kept in my mind =)
forget bout it !

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KahYee said...

i consider as?
chillllll my dear.