Friday, May 8, 2009


gahhhh =)
got performance for english fortnight closing ceremony :D
i dhk everything consider doin smooth
its just that,

some of us keep laughing, me included ;x

I oso duno wats da reason that makes me so HIGH
its just feeling funny standing up there :D

me laughing =.=
the thingy that wakes ppl up :D
after :DDDD

frm kelvin~! laser eyed monster? not bad man :D x-men~ ah thong so happy :D
fatty damm yeng :D
amei said she love tis pic :D
she miss her boy :3


thx mr kuz for some of the pics =)


just wanna say smt here
the previous post didnt mean to loose up our relationship
its just like a sack expressing my own thought n feeling at the very moment
just forget bout it =)
hope u wont mind

for now,

scout had been the best coupon seller =)


and keep on moving bros !


ALieN said...

joee look cuteeeee
n 4K really did a good job
i damn love ur class

Abou said...

WAlao...wad a nice skul day :\

sir mix a lot said...

YOU KNOW WHAT!THAT "POP" SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME! serious!i didnt even see it coming at all!serioussss!

Andrew said...

eesh didnt take pic with me :D

eminey626 said...

ur claz sing veli well

KahYee said...


soki thean said...
hey joee
min thean here
link wan

тноиg уєп™ said...

i look so sucks in those pic
sob sob
no face d