Wednesday, May 6, 2009


spelling beeeeeee tday
spell yacht wrongly & makes me cant get those prize TT
somemore i wrote abt 46words TT

and tat stupid yatch locates at da 3rd placee!

jeenvern came to me
" joee! u suppose to be da 2nd place"
*freaking happy at da moment :DD*



'u spell yacht wrongly lahh! suppose to be YACHT but u wrote YATCH"
i was like

frm46points drop to 3 marks!
damm it

btw, did running for pj today
done 5 rounds at 10.9 mins :x
i can do it better lahh

went for a movie =)
wolverine - THE X'MEN
damm niceeee its worth to watch
got lots good looking men in it :D
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Pictures, Images and Photos

kahchuah get so high whn she look tat those muscular man!
xingti jugaa
i Korean boy!

the zero agent ! :3


KahYee said...

I love da korean guy too!

A.MEi said...

i love daniel!! :P :P

WanShan said...

tat movie reli nice xDD

Kien Lam. said...

lol. i did 5 rounds0 in 6.12, weee =D

i wan watch!!!

ŠKēÍðÑ said...

E..Wolverine's blade very yeng !

H a N n said...

watch movie never ask me...

msshappy said...

neh... i still prefer Wolverine..=)