Saturday, May 16, 2009


9.5.09, Saturday
attending to a relative wedding party~!
with cheng cheng & yong's family

its mummyside's family
da food thr is really niceee =)

never been to a wedding like tis b4

having performances like "Changefaces" & magic show n etc
tis wedding party isnt boring at all
since me n cheng keep on chitchatting =D



with ah ong n ah lim sia O.O

my aunt :3

da pretty one! Xo

me sis cousieee :D

15.5.09, Friday

went to da relative open hrs =D
Sg Buloh's banglo areaa..
FOOD is niceeee =x
so nicee having photo snapping with ah cheng n yong lahh XD
photo-obsession :D
me n cheng chat a lot in every topic

i get to noe her more :3


LOVE her =)


EuGeNe said...

Wow ~
Ah Lim and Ah Ong

Blur. said...

Aiyohh me not pwetie derhs :(

yuhjiun said...

ehh yencheng darn pretty lahh. ;D
u juga!
ah lim & ah ongg?

Dotz Ling said...

ohhh my god!! all very very veryyy leng!! O.O & y mr ong n lim dere??

Shumeen said...

ouh? why got lim n ong?
open klink meh?
Klinik Lim dan Ong

Mun said...

why ah lim and ah ong at there one? O.O

eminey626 said...

yor!! banglo n wedding party!!!
i wan go!!!!!

KahYee said...

Ah Lim & Ah Ong..
= =

Andrew said...

== why are they there? haha.

Shumeen said...

pls answer our question LOL

Monster said...

hiak hiak hiak~
shumeeen tau le lahhh!

sir mix a lot said...

yen ching and you are related??

sir mix a lot said...

both of you so pretty lahh :D