Friday, May 29, 2009


let's start with 28 of May,
ohhh yea, its Teacher's Day! me skul having celebration which got a lot of performance =)
for me, its kinda boring ;x just few of them are consider NICE!
firstly, LPS performance made the crowd get high with super funny indian dancing :P
Thanks KaiHong for making my day =D
btw, Hannn vs Kai Jian vs SimYee doing choir singing, its very nicee tooo!
they got sweet vocal =)
Munnn Munn & Kuik2 diabolo team! gosh,
da very new performace in our skul and guess wat? Most of us enjoyed it !
WELL DONE bud ~!
EDEN, just like usual, everyone likes them including me actually :D
they sang "XIN TIAO" :3 & " My Girl"
Tou Tai's dancing crew get our attention too! diff style, funny & cute one~
catch my eyes =D
after all da performances, teachers having jamuan
and we, PONTENG-ing for d whole day
take loads of picha but its with Fatty now ==
however, having fun in photo snapping! =D

but at night, get to noe smt very very bad
speechless, got no strength to dhk bout it
i dun wan my hand get trempling again

its today, da last day schooling for upper session 2009
busy with scouts carnival and bloggie
is basically finished! =D
go go go visit



Mun said...

Gheeee~ :D
Everything will be fine one

MicKy said...