Monday, August 10, 2009

Unusual Monday

getting better from being a sicko :X
much more better :)
at noon,
pick up fatfat & yanni & moo moo from FATFAT's hrs
headed to PIZZA Hut
Majlis Persaraan for SQM :)

aunty sham fetching us :)

zen phang!

MOO MOO! the new SQM kepala :P

with d form5 :D

my camwhore kaki :P

mun mun :)

them :DD

xuxu & meeee! :D

enjoy there with bunch of friends :D
MOO has been chosen to be the ketua :) CONGRATES!
& me, unexpected being Keat's assistant :O
about 4pm, everything ends
mun them goin jusco & me being guai lui goin home
(actually its bcz mummy coming d :( ) hehe
went to eat with mummy & aunty, again eating :S

after that,
changed at home, brought ee ee to Desa Park
got mny ppl there, so crowded !
run two rounds around the lake, woots!
refreshing :) cool wind blew..~
sejuknya! HAHHAHA
i dhk bcz of tat i start HA-QIU-ing :S

when ♥ meets? :D

sister with ee ee :D


weeeeeeeeeeeeee~! ♥♥
i meet ying heree :D

ee ee tired d :S

HAHAHAH me foot :D

ee ee in aunty's hrss~ rest!

rest in aunty hrs, all of us
then suddenly aunty asy
" Lets go swimming lohh"
den my mummy say
me =____='' *tired*
" GAM FEI arhh! "
"OKAY luuuu :S "
chged & jumped into the pool !
cold water~
hahahah swim swim swim
for an hr,
jump out, walking around
den i got cold ==!

& tis is the reason why i so free today
not goin to skul :P

tata! :D


Mandy said...

Haha..r u okaay adi?...rmb oo...I love u truck loads!!!!

I'MN£0 said...


gan fei la aunty x)

- EuGeNe - said...

Aww ~
unexpected i am ur camwhore kaki !
haha !

take care yar !

Mandy said...

Haha..not I don t want lar..I forget my password de so can t update de...haha..kinda stupid reason..LOL I will create a new acc soon ... Enen this time I have to rmb my password !!!!! u truck loads!!!!

ahkln said...

lol^ so gud can enjoy ^^ v now form3 all dying fot study haha, nex time go ther ask mi maa, i wan relax oso haha

Monster said...

neo : sobss!

eugenee: yealahhh! :D u always do those facial expression with me de :D

kIn : hehehe! nxt time i find u de lah :P