Sunday, August 2, 2009


I feeel so bad right now
mood swing
wtf is that
feel like escaping
*run baby run..
dun ever look back*

can i?


HIP.PO said...

you can, my tough kakak! my shoulder is for you to cry on :)

this is what Fi told me! :D

Mun said...

baby dun cry ((:

Sammy said...

:time machine: the future we go !

Monster said...

adik : <3

Mun : hehh! wontttt :)

sam : =]

Dotz Ling said...

everyone got their problems right?
me too lahh..just b strong , like me xD heee

cheeRs sUe♥♥ said...

big gal dun cry (=

cheeRz like wat i said owaz <3

SwinG . said...

i saw my name!!!!