Saturday, August 29, 2009

Once In A Bluemoon

Today, counted as a very memorable day =D
mummy cook wei ! this is the 2nd time she made us dinner, hell yeah
its the SECOND time
the first time was when im still in primary skul, in my ex-house :D

daddy mummy lahh =D

petai ! daddy's fav~

cabbages :D it looks damm a lot
but after cooking will be in medium size only le~

mummyy~~ :D

so blady white skin =S

its ready to be served =D

smt call "lu" pork + egg

my kai ma & her hubby
this is wad we call couple huh? facial expression pun sama *wink*

those men like usual, mahjong after meal =S

even though mummy dun cook much, but those dishes really temp us =D (popo's beside helping ma! ) HAHAHAHAHA
& i realised something, my younger cousin grown up :O

see ! this tall fella~ we used to fight, quarrel & fight everyday last time
HAHAHAH & i always made him cry :P he used to be so weak last time but now :O
so strong le, representive for wilayah bsb
proud of u =)

that's for 29.08.09
tonight im having another family party
BarBQ at kai ma's hrs ! WHHHHEEEEEEEEE
gonna be fat again !

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