Friday, August 7, 2009

E-U :D

3 of Aug Monday
Did moral project today
paint the toilet door :D
its in pink now~! HEH

my hair kena the paint for several times ==
its so darn hard to clean it
using "thin-er" somemore
hair badly damaged x-x!
sob sob

&&&& bus-stop today! :]

4 of Aug Tues
hell yea, the worse day of this week
im late again, asked to pick up rubbish ard
met ah lim, d annoying one
he pointed at me & shoo me
" u, pergi sana berdiri selama 2period " *bcz of the socks*
i dun bother bout him, continue on my rubbish picking
bcz he was scolding "kien-jien" at d same moment
after that, went chemistry lesson &&&
JunYao & Chien came forward
and told miss lim
" miss lim, encik lim wants to see joee "
just follow le, no ideas with it
met ah lim, kena scolded for the socks..again
wats' da big matter with the short socks, i stil don't know
was asked to stand on the pentas, middle of it for 1hr
form5 classes were having ceramah smt, ==?
i look like a geek standing thr with my sejarah text book
during my standing time, teachers came across & ask,
" kenapa joee? " with those kind kind face >< " teacher, TT socks luuuu.."
" ini sahaja?" ==
"yea cikgu"
fine, 1 hr passes so so slow, i had finish my bab5 sejarah ! :O
went up to office, see ah lim again,
he claimed that im not afraid of him @@ reason?
I'm loooking into his eyes whn he's talking to me!
wth, i respect u only i look at you whn u're talking man ><

5 of Aug Wednesday

WOHOOO, my fav day :]
PJ during the 1st 2 periods, like usual
play dodge ball :D
but it seems a bit diff today ,
MORE hurting :S
yee theng so geng lah, she hit my neck hardly with the ball T^T
damm painful :D
&& me fell down
the pile of sand ! grrrrr

d blue-black on my kneeee~!
1st time i got it, so PURPLISH
another bad news, Yanni's hp kena stolen again
this is the 2nd time :(
People, Do not leave ur HP in ur bag when u're not in the class!


7 Aug Fri
makan ice after skul with my whole gang :)
& go photo shop wash out d scouts pichas for the notice board

*ther's more important things to do now,

On August 7,2009
at 12hr 34mins 56secs
will be 12:34:56
This Will Never Happen In Your Life For the 2nd time
do appreciate this moment
very moment

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cheeRs sUe♥♥ said...

dunn blame any moment / seconds that u hav
becoz it wont be cuming back again
juz enjoy it XD