Sunday, August 23, 2009

The First Day

Hell yeah,
holiday holiday & holidays!
a :) or a :(

suppose going Famine30 with my bunch of friends
due to h1n1, mummy not allow me to go :(

suppose going to Genting or maybe Sunway Lagoon with SQM members
at last cancel too! :s

Its Friday,
DSP, ice-cream, lake

Saturday, the first day of my hols
aunty Sham with her notty son, zen phang & my popo came to my hrs
those women chatting downstair, & me babysitting my boy

went ikano with at noon
had lunch at uncle lim :D

can you believe he's having asam laksa? so blady spicy!! :S

root-beer float :3

hottieeee :D
adults then bump into ikea while the kids & one of the adults *me me me* :p went popular book shop
kinda funny yea?
read thru those books, learning how to make a scrapbook :S
kinda hard !!
receive mummy's call, she asked us to find them at ikea counter
along da way, smt unbelievable happens on me =~=
anyway, a new experience! AHA!! :D

lame meeee :X

headed to aunty Cindy's hrs, :D my kai ma
played with cousin , drawing on the ground with chalky! *wink*

had dinner, kai ma cooked ! :D
mummy daddy uncle like usual playing mahjong
we like usual watching DVD luu :D
watched snipper :3

edison chen :DDDDDD

huang xiao ming :DDD
sorry for being a bit outdated :D
rate this 8/10!!!

lazy to blog!
am eating watermelon now :D
listening to Heels Over Head by BoysLikeGirls
addict to it :)

I'm in love :x


Blur. said...

Vandalisme :P

Monster said...


~kmay~ said...

me too....
can't go 30 famine..
same reason tat gv by our mum..