Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 months after my b'day :D

First Of All,
HAPPY BUFDAY to my two buds!
LEE JUN YAO aka Panda !

"A mei, a mei ji shi ban jia zhuang..~" LOL its your song man! HHAHAHA
heyy darling, i love you so damn much :) You're always the good one, the one who share your happiness, sadness & secrets with me. I appreciate you ! really i do.
You stand by me when i need help, when i need support. You lend me notes & MIRROR! =D HAPPY SWEET 6-TEEN darling ♥♥♥ May you enjoy ur only 16 & all the best! Will be right here supporting you !

Mr Panda ! used to be my best friend :D You sat beside me during form2, rmb? sure you do ! HAHAHA You arr..dun ever try to forget ur kaki here, have been so long din really talk to you le :( always busyy busyy busyy for ur prefect stuff ! RAWRR gonna catch up with you, very soon! =D anyway, HAPPY..err happy SEXY 6teen? errr happy GORGOUS 6teen? happy BURLY 6teen? OMG wats the middle word for a man? holly x_x
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUN YAO!! i dhk this will be the best @@
love ya ! BFF :)

both of ya! Live Your Life To Fullest =D

:) :) :) :) :)


Andrew said...

yeah better catch up with me very soon :D
my kaki weeee
help me in studies better hahaha.
thanks ya by the way
appreeeeeeeeciate :D
BFF :)

Monster said...

welcome =D