Thursday, August 27, 2009


woke up at 12 noon today :( cant sleep well ytd night..some1 having gastric !
rawrrr! ._____.
things i did today, hehhh summarize it!
  • washed toilet
  • vacuum the floor
  • mop the floor

woots! sien arr sien arr.. teached me how to spend my holiday wisely please? shud be goin to timesquare with my bunch of friends tmr ( thursday ) celebrating my 2 besties' bufday! Amei & Jun Yao. But too bad ! i've been grounded for this 2 days =( sad case..shud be going to schol to tidy up QMroom tmr, but sorry buddy! cant make it~

AAAAAAAAAAA i ate a lot during these fewdays =O fat sei ngor

ee's beside :D

ciaos peeppppyy!

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