Saturday, July 31, 2010

With the loveeee :D

" We're so in love,
even the sun nor the moon cannot stop the power of love "

HAHA! this is the love quote by me and baby! he sent a msg like this, of cz not exactly like this lah, i change a bit a bit :D

The friday after school, there's a meeting up with the love one in the old place, metro :D
HAHAHAHa, its really a lame place but.... Everything is still so so so lovely whenever EYTL is there with me :D

we met @ the HK restaurant and this is wad my babehh had ytd ;D
ohh yaa, he brought his dslr for me, =D =D =D

We in black vs denim randomly =D

camwhore before my fattening lunch reach me =D

ohh yaah !
its d cheeze baked spaggggheeetii

we went for a movie,
very lame yet a bit funny =D

@ the cab =D
macam main roller coaster ini :OO

heh! this is the very 1st place we date :D
reminiscing bout the old days ;)

i'm wearing nudy/angel/bakblalblabla hazel lens ;O
joking lah, its original brown :D
i got it from my daddy :))

love uuuuu ;)

he has very long legs ._.


another gif*
baby, u're still heavier lohh :(((

HEEEE, i just love my man so so much. We love spending times together..
After his assignment he finally squueeeze sometime for her gf :D
I ♥♥♥ U

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Yan Zi said...

hao sweett ^^
jelos jelos

eminey626 said...

1 word to describe both of u. sweet-nya!!!!!!!! :D

Monster said...

thank you so much!! :D

B. said...