Monday, July 5, 2010

to my follower, haters and whatever is it

awww, so sorry for the title of the day :O
i just dunno why it sounds so well when these three "-er" mix together :D

HEY dude, my ee ee is on FckYeahPets *clickable!!!!
okay, i know most of you got no idea bout whats the FckYeahPets,
so come come, let monster enlighted u :D
its actually a random website which allow every tumblr user from everywhr to summit their pet's phtos :D
i kinda like it and ive been summited quite few times :D:D

see my cute girl? :D

the feedbacks :D
so many of them reblogged & heart my ee ee's photo!!
im so happy :D

btw, do follow my tumblr too if u're playing :D
D' Pathway *clickable