Monday, July 19, 2010

Bloggers that i would like to share ;)

First and formost, i do really thinks that im so kind hearted !!! HAHAHAHAH =D
joking lah.. since i love reading interesting blogs, i really would like to share two link that update so frequent in a week, that's miss mandy & miss mun . *clickable*

this is mandy :)) she's one of my best friend ;D
i enjoy talking to her and hang out with her lah..
She's another camera freak and loves to do with photographing
her blog is always with photos and photos and photos! wont get bored reading every post of hers.
the best part is, she almost update everyday :D:D

another woman of mine ;)
she is another love sick like me and both of us have small eyes!! YAY
we hate the same person for her behaviour in copying other's blog style.
like wad she said, copycats will not admit they are copycats,
they do not appreciate others hardworks ;/ DUHHH
Munn bloggs bout random and new stuff, get inspirations form her :D
Click her

Lastly, MONSTER-JOJO is still the best of the best lahh!!! HAHAHAHAHAH =D
visit me like always readers, appreciate ur footprints :)


ck said...

i still prefer monster-jojo =)

eminey626 said...

nice post! :D

Munn said...

Awww Jo! Billion thanks for this! omg i can't believe that you share mine :x *hearts* <3

Monster said...

CK : HAHAHAH thanks friend ;)
eminey : heh!!
munn : no prob lah sapo!!

mandy gioh said...

wont get bored everytime i read this post
i can feel the love from u