Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i need sweet stuuff

chocolate helps ;)

today is a bad day.. it isnt very bad but im unhappy LOL
stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!!!!
school : stupid black ass sue-ing us for ridiculous matter.. she nearly add us 2 marks in the frigging e disiplin.
thing goes in this way, 2 friends of mine, munn & chooi chee came to us and ask for pj teeshirt! ther;s no teacher in the class and we are talking in between the wall of windows.. geraldine came and sue munn and chooichee & add them marks ==
& suddenly, " who encourage them to talk?" by her.
yanni stood up at first, followed by me & xingti. she's gonna add us 2 marks if i dun defense ourself by argue-ing with her.
Her reason to add us marks: 3 of us are being not polite by talking to our friends sitting ._. wtf
acc to my friend, im in very black face when facing the blackie, without myself knowing DUHHH
i dun care

bout the preparation : very sad cant book T-T damn it

im just feeling kinda shiat today...roar


Munn said...

I am sorry jo!! :(
Dont be sad kay?
Bring you sweet stuffs tmr! :D

Monster said...

sapo, not ur fault at all! :D:D:D

eminey626 said...

really sorry about today's matter
:( tomorrow need to go and say sorry + thank you to her ._____.

Monster said...

its not u guys fault at all le ;((
why hav to say sorry???

eminey626 said...

lol. cause disturbing the class :x