Saturday, July 17, 2010

A day out ! :D

Okay, HAPPY BDAY LIM JIA-E !! ♥ i hope that you're having a sweeet sweet 4teen sister :D
HAHAHA ! i planned this surprise party for the lil sister and thanks god it goes so smoothly ;)
I'm so happy today..! There're 2 reasons why. The first one, of cz my kaka's enjoying so much lah! this is the first time she celebrates with her butts! The second one, i'm dating a while with my gene gene ♥ ♥! AHAHA! its our ten months anniversarries :D

From 10months anniversarry!

the outfit :D

From jia-e 5teen birthday

i bought a fruit cake :))

From jia-e 5teen birthday


From jia-e 5teen birthday

after settle down all the chores, im with mummy and after sometime, i meet xingti and her sister @ cotton on ;D HAHAHAH we went to take big head photo :O

From jia-e 5teen birthday
i bought two shoes from cotton on :D
the one with strips mandy pun ada :D and the ribbon one, i bought xingti one as her bday present!! :D

From jia-e 5teen birthday
@ paddingdon taken by baby :D:D

From jia-e 4teen birthday
dollar pancake :D

From 10months anniversarry!
im with my love after lunch :))))

From 10months anniversarry!

he's really damn cute ♥ ♥

From 10months anniversarry!
after he got present for eunice, we went mph :DD
happy bday eunice ;))
baby looks cool ryte here :DD
(just call me a love sick )

From 10months anniversarry!
i love this photo :D
im looking so small beside him ! :DD
& we're heading to find my sis :)

From jia-e 4teen birthday

the two cute ass :D

From jia-e 4teen birthday

From jia-e 4teen birthday

happy her :D

To the sister :-
you're really an idiot at times..making me feel like bashing u into pieces when u're talking so rude to me ! D:
however, u're my very very stupid lovable sis :))
i love you so much like u do kaka ♥ ♥

To the boyfriend :
Thanks for loving jo so so much :D
EYTL is the super-est boyfriend ever! too much to talk bout it ;)
he's rock in everywhr.. Im sorry that i cant be in ur performance but i know u & ur mates rocks the stage :D
spend time with the love one on our big day makes me genuinely happy =D ♥ ♥♥ ♥


RawrrJiaa_E said...

Thanks sister :D
u also loh -.- sometimes lah XD
but today u damn nice XDD HAHAHAHHHHA

Shinning Tears said...

toy story 3 bear bear ?

♠ďĕχŤęŘ еĆħŐ Ľĩm×νίßгãŤĩÕń ♂ said...

yA... his relatives.. looks like the bear rite?? xD

Sammy said...

i like this lovely post a lot :) jia e got a lot of presents this year =)
happy birthday to you once again!

Monster said...

baby baby <3
hehe!! thakns

xiao xin said...

你的男朋友吗? 祝你们幸福 ^^