Wednesday, June 9, 2010


helloooo readers!! how do you feel right now? The page you looking here has her/his brand new face :D for me, im totally into the new header !! proud of myself suddenly *winks*
btw, i need all your comments bout the new layout, anything no matter good or bad ! i want some feedbacks! :D:D:D

ex blogheader
this is the old one :D

i went to my primary school gathering just now, ( 9/6/10) @ metro steamboat there! Had great fun with bunch of friends :D:D we're still so close and everyone is still so friendly :D
we chat bout our life & so so so much ! one of my friends, wai long turns into a real gentleman :D
aww,, im looking forward to the next gathering! :D:D
will talk it more when i got those phtos!! pls kenke & tine..!
before dinner when waiting keat to fetch us up, me & tine were playing in my room :D:D

the Small Eyes Monster :)

& the good friends :D

Ciaos everyone!
volley ball tmr ! :D:D:D


绮盼 said...

the layout is nice =)
i enjoyed the dinner so so much too =)

Jeen Vern said...

like the layout!bright and happy!(haha very much like you) though i think it would be better if the background of your post section is white.=)but i'm just saying la(her readers pls don't hate me==)

HIP.PO said...

NICE! i love yellow :P

思 meow said...

love the new layout=)

eminey626 said...

cute layout! xD

Monster said...

hehe!! thanks :D:D

jeenvern : white i try nxt time :O i dhk of this before but yellow me like recently XD