Friday, June 11, 2010

2005/6M Gathering :D:D

Finally, after several plannings by yuan rong, there's a gathering for us :D
The primary school mates @ metro steamboat (idk wats da name) @ 9/6/10~
Actually i've been thinking for so many times, shud i attend this or not & of cz, the last decision is yes :D:D i miss them lah! it had been so long we din meet :D
the last meeting was in form2 during cny in Pn Yeap's hrs :D

soup vs tomyam :D
but we prefer tomyam more :D
im overcome-ing spicy food!!!!

everyone is enjoying the food :D
ohhyaa! its 20$/person :D

the one who eating is the joker in our class :D:D
we used to call him "Linda-jiejie" :D
He's the one who starts all the joke & make us laughing in the class :D
im glad that we're still that close & he's still so funny!

AHA!! & these will be minyen who is posing a "v" , ahma, foong & jian hoong!
i saw these fellow in every schooling day .__.
we're still in the same skul & same class !!!!! HAHAHAH!
oh ya, exclude fooong (in red) :O
he's just accompanying his girl :DD

& this is 老 giam !! :D:D
everyone likes to bully him! he's a good one =D

like wad kenke said, he's a singer-wanna-be! :D
we called him "hamyu" =D
he used to be our representative in the singing competition :D
& of cz, me too!!! i used to take part in singing competition when in pri skul :D
dun laugh ._. baby love me sing :DD

yuan rong :D
though we in the same skul but we hardly talk :(
we're in diff clas!! im so happy whn he said that he got 9as in trial :D
so pro of him!! & he's a very loyal guy who still waiting for his gf in sarawak :)
all da best!!

oh yaa! the 3 buddies playing webbie using tine's laptop :D:D

& we sit togther & chat bout the past :D
so memorable :D

We :D
& weeee! the group photo :D:D
me likey!!

when i was small ._.
i really dunno why my face so lc tat time :DDDD

*credits to yuan rong for organising the gathering for us :D
*credits to kenke for the photos :D
*credits to keat for fetching me :D